For the last three or so years a group of dedicated Swazis have been digging into the Swazi sugar industry and its direct ties to land grabs in the country, backed by a variety of open source research as well as a large collection of documents gathered dating back over 50 years. Alongside the investigation we’ve interviewed and gathered evidence and testimonies from various communities that have been affected by the King’s lucrative sugar interests. Our footage can help illustrate the story with the voices from the ground.
The Swazi Justice Forum is a platform to raise attention around the involvement of South African and international companies in these land grabs. We believe the public should know that companies such as RCL and Coca-Cola, which proudly present green mission statements and promise to not profit from illegal land grabs, don’t stand by their own statements and that their outright and complicit collusion with Mswati III to further bolster his personal wealth at the expense of a struggling Swazi nation will not go unanswered.